Students Notice Board
    Welcome to Academic Year 2017-18
    Warm Welcome to the New Academic Year 2017-18
Re-scheduled Pre-Board Exam 13-02-2018 NIS-PC-27-13022018 Click Here
PRE-BOARD EXAM 11-02-2018 NIS-PC-26-11022018 Click Here
Portion Paper & Time Table 28-01-2018 NIS-PC-25-28012018 Click Here
Datesheet for Grade XII Board Exam 14-02-2018 CIR-PC-23-14012018 Click Here
Datesheet for Grade XI 14-02-2018 CIR-PC-22-14012018 Click Here
Datesheet for Grade X Board Exam 14-02-2018 CIR-PC-21-14012018 Click Here
Grade IX Annual Examination 2018 14-02-2018 CIR-PC-20-14022018 Click Here
SCILORE - 2017 26-12-2017 NIS-PC-19-26122017 Click Here
Value Added Tax (VAT) 24-12-2017 NIS-PC-18-24122017 Click Here
Annual Sports 18-12-2017 NIS-PC-16-18122017 Click Here
PTM Grade VI - VIII Boys 24-10-2017 NIS-PC-11-24102017 Click Here
PTM Grade VI - X Girls 24-10-2017 NIS-PC-10-24102017 Click Here
Field Trip Boys 19-10-2017 NIS-PC-08-19102017 Click Here
Field Trip Girls 19-10-2017 NIS-PC-07-19102017 Click Here
Saudi National Day Holiday 21-09-2017 NIS-PC-07-21092017 Click Here
Welcome back to school...! 11-09-2017 NIS-PC-05-10092017 Click Here
Welcome Circular 2017-18 21-03-2017 NIS-PC-01-21032017 Click Here
End of Academic Year 2016-17 02-03-2017 NIS-PC-47-02032017 Click Here