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    Welcome to Academic Year 2017-18
    Warm Welcome to the New Academic Year 2017-18

ISA Activities

Study of Housing and clothing of India, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia Study of Food and festivals between India, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia Learn and compare the climatic conditions between India, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia Architecture of India, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia
Future Plans

   We envisage that the current level of Global work will be maintained within the school's curriculum. We would also like to see more opportunities arising for global work in subjects such as science, numeracy, literacy and inter school competitions.

We are particularly keen to maintain and develop our World Wide Week.

   We have explored Malaysia and for 2013 we will be exploring Singapore and 2014 China

   Our team of Novel are excited to travel around Asia & explore the learning the fullest

   Have fun & enjoying learning together with us exploring and adventures around Asia

We also hope to set use internet to share and develop the works of our students

   We would like to increase the level of visitors to the school to take part in global activities, particularly during our World Wide week, where the visitors were keen to do more.

   In the next academic year we will trial our 'Cultural Assessment' and working with them will make decisions about 'scoring' / moderating the responses to develop some sort of mark scheme.

   We hope to initiate our exchange program between students and are keen to start this the next academic year. We have taken steps to develop lots of cultural experiences for the children as they learn to explore the culture of these countries

Strategies for the next three years:-

Throughout the phase the faculty , students and parents of NIS will ensure that they learn and adapt keeping in mind these values and ethos:-

  1. Diversity
  2. Conflict resolution
  3. Global citizenship
  4. Human rights
  5. Interdependence
  6. Social justice
  7. values and perceptions

To develop and fully exploit a variety of global learning partnerships. This will include activities such as: email and internet projects including video conferencing
  • Interacting with visitors from other countries [students & adults]
  • Student/staff visits to places of cultural interest
  • Student exchanges and foreign work experience placements
  • To actively encourage the study of foreign languages for all our students by offering a range of appropriate language options To organize regular celebrations of our rich and diverse heritage

    Global Dimension as focus in whole school assemblies Important days on international calendar included in staff bulletin Global Dimensions ‘in action’ included in mini school and whole school newsletters Principal Teacher to meet with subject leaders Take to Learning Team: Global Dimension to be referenced in school and lesson plan pro-forma Consider the possibility of a global focus week/day Participation in a variety of activities ‘Freedom Festival’ delivered by Enterprise and Total Curriculum Global fellowship support developed Investigate the wider community impact Monitor and evaluate current language assistant program Review curriculum impact within current global links and engage in lots of curricular and extracurricular work.