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ISA Activities

Study of Housing and clothing of India, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia Study of Food and festivals between India, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia Learn and compare the climatic conditions between India, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia Architecture of India, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia
How did we start the ISA process at Al Mubdioon International School ?

  Novel (Al Mubdioon) International School , has always aimed at offering international approach to its curriculum and students.

   The ISA accreditation frameworks helped us to record and evaluate international work and embed it into the curriculum and whole school ethos.

The Principal who is also the International coordinator started by conducting an orientation program on ISA to all its students, faculty and parents.

   Then the International policy guideline was prepared to commence the planning of international work.

Later schools were identified to collaborate and partner with NIS. NIS by now had decided to extend their learning to India and Malaysia.

   NIS choose their sister school in India and a Malaysian school in Kuala Lumpur to commence the learning on internationalism and international approach on curriculum across subjects.

   Throughout the learning and implementation of the program the staff development training and professional development support was offered by the Principal / international coordinator to its team.


The following approach was used for implementation:

Collaborations with partner schools – projects, activities, communication Curriculum-based work across a range of subjects – This global learning has helped to enhance the knowledge of students Involvement of the wider community – parents, businesses, social projects And Self-evaluation to achieve the full award level of accreditation.