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ISA Activities

Study of Housing and clothing of India, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia Study of Food and festivals between India, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia Learn and compare the climatic conditions between India, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia Architecture of India, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia
What is ISA?

     The International School Award is an accreditation scheme for international curriculum work open to all nursery, primary and secondary schools throughout the globe. The scheme recognizes good practice in international dimension in schools. Successful schools are accredited for three years. The accreditation process has an action planning stage, followed by compilation of a dossier of evidence. The British Council International School Award has been established for more than 10 years in the UK and is now gradually being introduced in schools all around the world.


ISA aims to:

Support and develop existing school partnerships between Countries Encourage curriculum links between Countries Build a network of schools with international links Celebrate the achievements of schools involved

ISA provides a valuable tool for schools to:

Design, develop and implement international activities Involve teachers and students across subjects and ages in an organized way Enhance public relations Optimize opportunities for networking Get recognition for their international work

    For a participating school, the requirements for the award include an international policy being written or reviewed, an international coordinator appointed, curriculum-based activity focusing on international work and groups involved in international activity across a range of years and a range of subjects covered. Schools get a complete academic year to execute their planned international activities and compile dossiers of evidence. The ISA offers:

A framework for international partnerships and global learning Recognition for teachers and their schools Opportunities to raise the school's profile through local and national media.