Students Notice Board
    Welcome to Academic Year 2018-19
    Warm Welcome to the New Academic Year 2018-19
From Chairman's Desk

      I Welcome the students, staff and Parents to the Novel International School with immense pleasure,

      "The main objective of a perfect educational system is to fully develop the inborn potential of a child and to prepare him /her to face the challenges of life. At Novel International School, this very methodology is followed. NIS came into existence with the sole aim of having a school for the children for the development of their mind, body and soul.“

     In today’s competitive and fast developing world, in order to be a successful and a complete global citizen, apart from excelling in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities, it is equally important to follow and practice core values like respect, politeness, obedience, honesty, etc., the simple techniques of setting goals, of motivating oneself and others, of dealing with adversity, of using time profitably, of practising the power of choice, of developing self confidence, of generating enthusiasm at will, of practising team spirit, of handling stress….and so much more.

     At NIS, the students are forging ahead on the right path by following the same value based perfect learning systems along with a beautiful blend of international curriculums, world class facilities and a disciplined teaching structure.

      As you are aware the world is getting heighly competitive and to enable them to cope up and take the challenges ahead it is necessery that we not only educate our children but also boost their morals

      Novel Internatinal school is my dream project. In every sense NIS is futuristic school....A School of the "Generation Next". I would like to encourage parents and students to be a strong driving force behind NIS. At Novel we strive for furtherance of the expatriate community's future, of course, hand in hand with you, with your support and blessings.

With Regards
Mr. Mujeeb Rahman

From Principal's Desk

     “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”


     NIS faculty is the backbone of Novel International School. Our faculty members play a vital role in transferring knowledge through creative experiences. They become facilitators and mentors who ignite our learners’ natural curiosity and love for learning and guide them in their quest for knowledge.


     At the heart of all of our activities, are our beloved students. All endeavours will be made to be Child-Centric, giving them space and time for self-growth, besides expecting them to be disciplined towards life, working hard as per the planned and designed educational program of the school. We expect our children to learn to be responsible towards delivering their task in hand.


     The Staff of the school, are hand-picked by the Management to serve the cause towards fulfilling the Vision and Mission of NIS, to remain motivated in the pursuit of the best means of Education, that will be imparted to your children. The timely and ongoing process of training will be provided to the staff that would be among the most emphasized area in the School Management System, this is to strengthen their efficiency and conviction in the profession that they are in and to support their spontaneous, committed work, quintessentially to prepare life-long learners.


     Our Parents are the esteemed and integral part of the education at NIS. Without your co-operation we cannot take steps forward towards grooming our future world-citizens and this vision would remain incomplete. As we remain focused in our work as educationists, we shall await your valued suggestions all throughout the academic year and look forward to your blessings in this wonderful journey of imparting education to our children.

With Regards
Dr Padma Hariharan