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    Welcome to Academic Year 2018-19
    Warm Welcome to the New Academic Year 2018-19
Mission and Vision
Our Mission...

“To develop in students whole brain potential and life management skills”.

NIS student community comprises of students who come from all parts of the globe. The mission of NIS is to achieve the dreams of our global students and realize their potential to the fullest. We will train our students to be ever ready to meet the challenges of an ever changing global environment with our meaningful education and instilled values, which will be challenging, relevant, meaningful and interesting.

Our Vision...

NIS is committed to create a unique, safe and memorable place for children to learn and cherish each day, within a hygienic and caring environment of both physical and human outlook, to produce well-informed, productive and involved citizens who will be bold, cheerful, self-motivated, self-confident and inquisitive life-long learners and successful contributors of the immediate society and ever-changing world community.