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    Welcome to Academic Year 2018-19
    Warm Welcome to the New Academic Year 2018-19

ISA Activities

Study of Housing and clothing of India, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia Study of Food and festivals between India, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia Learn and compare the climatic conditions between India, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia Architecture of India, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia
International Co-ordinator

    The International Coordinator at Novel (Al Mubdioon) International School will have the following responsibilities in addition to the substantive post of the School Principal

To raise awareness of the International Dimension throughout the school

To contribute towards a school policy statement on the International Dimension

To audit the current curriculum and identify further opportunities to develop the International Dimension across the Key Stages

To plan for the International Dimension by liaising with all staff

To promote continuity through liaison with staff at of K-10

To purchase and raise awareness of resources which support an International Dimension to teaching and learning.

To monitor and support the schools existing link with local schools offering varied curriculum, also develop links with a Malaysian School in Malaysia and develop further links with India .

To be aware of the global initiatives and to disseminate this to staff in order to promote the International Dimension.

To evaluate the impact of International activities and the Global dimension on teaching and learning, reporting progress through the Curriculum Innovation team

Our expectation is that through the above activities

We will develop in our children recognition of their contribution and responsibilities as citizens of the global community whilst critically examining their own values and attitudes and appreciating the similarities between peoples everywhere, and valuing diversity.

There will be increasing evidence of a global / international dimension in planning across the curriculum and progression across the key stage and continuity between the key stages.

The schools aim of promoting positive attitudes towards cultural diversity will be disseminated to the wider community through sharing information and events in the school newsletter, on the website and where appropriate local press release.

Parents and members of the local community will have opportunities to share and celebrate the cultural diversity of the community to enrich and bring to life experiences for the children.

Links between the school and its partners in Malaysia, India, will be strengthened and embedded in the school’s curriculum.

The school will be successful in its application for the Full International School Award (ISA).