Students Notice Board

General Information

School working Week

The School has a five day week, Thursdays and Friday are declared weekends holidays in Jeddah.

The Parent may visit the school office for general information, fee remittance, admission, purchase of book and other miscellaneous works. Administration working hours Sunday to Thursday: 07.00 am to 3.00 PM on Saturday from 9.00 am to 1.00 PM

School Timing

Pre-School to UKG 8:30 am - 12:00 noon
Class I - X (Girls) 7.00 am - 1.00 pm
Class I - III (Boys) 7.00 am - 1.00 pm
Class III - X (Boys) 8.30 am - 2.30 pm
Admin office Timing
Sunday to Thursday 7.00 am - 3.00 PM
Saturday 9.00 am - 1.00 PM
Visiting Hours

Parents/guardians are welcomes to see the Principal on all working days, (Saturday to Wednesday) during school hours with prior appointment

To get the information/certificates/documents/uncollected progress Cards/Answer Script, a written request with details of the nature of information required, period of study, class and division, etc..., should be submitted to the Principal and should be collected only after one working week after written request confirmation. Progress Report Cards issued by the school should be collected within three months from the date on which the student has left the schoolAll the certificates issued by the CBSE and Transfer Certificates issued by the school are to be collected by the parents or the students or an authorized person whose signature is attested by the father of the student The School will not be responsible for any lose, damage, misplacement, etc..., of the certificates after the expiry of the stipulated period mentioned.As per the MOE Jeddah rule all original documents including progress card of the students will be retained by the school. The same will be issued only once the child leave the school and after all dues are fully cleared

     The registration fee and Academic fee paid is not refundable, student should and therefore is not eligible for refund for those who choose not to attend NIS. Similarly for students when there is a delay in payment of academic fee the student will be expelled from school

     All payments are to be made to the Accounts office prior to the student commencing class. No refund is made in case of relocation, loss of job or any other eventuality at any point after the child is granted admission in school.

No student records will be transferred until and unless all payments are duly settled.

     The school has every right to hold all the transcripts of the child and transfer certificates if all payment are not settled


    The school reserves the right to change the penalty fee on all returned cheque and delinquent accounts and late fee payment or material payment


    The school will not refund or transfer fee at any point in time even if the child has filled to attend school while the school was ongoing for the academic year


    75% attendance is compulsory for a child to be promoted to next academic year. Students absent from school without proper record will face severe consequences

Tardiness is not accepted and if a child is found to be late beyond three days half grade point will be deducted from assessments


    Students dismissed from NIS will not be readmitted in the current academic year of the school.


    Students not scoring minimum of set percent or grade for the academic year will not be promoted to the next class.


    Students should apply a written application for the transfer certificate if required before the deadline started in the circular which will be sent out. if a student applies for a transfer certificate after the deadline started, not only will the student will have to pay a penalty fee for the same. There is a possibility of not issuing student record and TC if rules are not met. No excuses incase of sudden relocation or any other reason will be accepted. The penalty fee will be collected per student even if there is one day delay.

No concession will be available on this

The Processing period of two weeks will take for the transfer certificate.


    Students are expected to follow campus-wide rules incorporating expectations for behavior related to student safety, respectfulness, responsibilities and participation and must:

1. Be Safe2. Be Respectful3. Be Responsible4. Be a Participant

Each student are also expected to:

Demonstrate courtesy, even when other do not.Behave in Responsible manner, always exercising self dicipline.Attend all classes, regularly and on timePrepare for each class; take appropriate materials and assignments to class.Meet school standards of grooming and dress.Obey all campus and classroom rulesRespect the right and privileges of students, teachers and other school staff volunteers.Cooperate with and assist the school staff in maintaining safety order, and discipline.Adhere the requirements of the student code of conduct.
The School Transport in-charge will fix the route, boring and expected time of arrival of the buses at the boarding point which will be intimated to the parents.It is the duty of the parents to ensure that his/her ward reaches the boring point well before time.While fixing the routes, though care will be taken, it may not be possible for the buses to go to the interior areas or narrow lanes to pick the students. Hence, parents will have to take the responsibility of brining their wards and picking them up at the boarding points on the route fixed by the school.Children will be dropped at specific points and not at the doorstep of the house.Parents are requested to ascertain the details of route, duration of the journey, boarding point...etc, from the school Trasport-in-charge before taking admissionThough all efforts will be made to keep the timing accurate, school will not be held responsible for the late running of buses due to unforesness circumstances.Providing school transport service is not mandatory on the part of the schoolTransport fee once paid will not be refunded or transferred under any circumstancesFull twelve months transport fee will be collected, even if the child does not use the bus on certain days of the school. Fee defaulters will not be permitted to use the school transport.If a parent wishes to discontinue the school transport facility, it should be informed one month in advance in the prescribed form available with the Transport-in-chargeRequest for discontinuation of transport facility for a short duration will not be acceptedIf parents wish to collect their wards availing school transport facility during or after school hours, an early exit form should be filled in before departure.Students shall not avail their own or friend's conveyance for one way trip, for their convenience without informing the Principal in writing